school clinics program

The school clinics program offers the best platform for players to learn football with little to No pressure. We focus on principles of Learning & Growing giving players the right tools to succeed & develop in age appropriate set-ups.


match-days series

Competitions play a vital role in the overall development of a footballer. Players get to test the efficacy of what they are taught at sessions. Incorporated to our program is a Match-Day series which is a mini league that consists of all operating LSC networks.

MTTC (Mastery, Technical, Tactical, Conditioning) refers to our LSC development methodology. The methodology defines our overall systematic approach to development for all the age groups throughout all our programs

We encourage exceptional Ball mastery and Ball chemistry
Grow each player’s understanding of the games tactical demands: Principles of defense & attack, game management, movement
Build instinct reaction to fundamental technical demands: first touch, Passing, Dribbling & control, shooting & finishing
Fitness: Speed, agility & aerobic ability. Skills conditioning: Co-ordination, reaction, balance


You will receive a session confirmation email as to when the child may start with sessions. Child will only take part in sessions once payments have already been made.

Monthly or Full term invoices will be sent

It will take 3-7 days for the child to receive their kit. The kit will be delivered to the child at school. The child can join a session before receiving their training kit required they wear the appropriate training clothes.

Communication with parents is very crucial for us! Parents will receive regular program updates from month to month. SMS communications for things like cancelation of sessions, urgent reminder etc.

  • Phone calls
  • Please note, if you don’t receive frequent email/SMS communications from us kindly contact us!
  • Kindly follow our social media platforms in Oder to be up to date with all our program activities.

Children’s safety is of utmost importance to us! Each coach is mandated to stay an average 15-30 minutes after the session to see to it that children are safely collected. For children that go to aftercare, the coach will see to it that each child safely made it to aftercare before leaving the school premises.