LSC (Saturday) MINI’s DISKI is an exceptional football introductory program and ultimately sports in general. The program aims to hones a child’s footballing ability from an early age. The program aims to build a positive attitude towards physical activities. The program is designed for kids from the age of 3-6.

Program Dynamics

  • Age group: 3-6
  • Venue: MINIS Diski venues
  • Session frequency: Saturdays
  • Session duration: 45 minutes

Benefits of the Program

Football introductory

Our unique approach around systematic training aims to teach soccer in a FUN, SAFE & EASY way. Our program focuses on different footballing & sports dynamics including:

  • Fitness & conditioning.
  • Soccer technique.
  • Skills conditioning.

Our classes

Mini’s Diskers (Age 2-3)

Focus: building an active foundation base & having the kids getting used to constructive exercise.

Skills: basic movement patterns

Technique: Kicking, jumping & scoring

Intermediate Diskers (Age 4-5)

Focus: Children are introduced to the basics of football (dribbling, striking, goal scoring etc.) in a play-oriented yet structured format encouraging independent participation.

Skills: co-ordination, reaction, balance

Technique: passing, dribbling, finishing

Senior Diskers (Age 6+)

Focus: at this point of development we focus on technical specialization, kids get to spend more time with the ball specializing on specific technique preparing them for their next development phase.

Skills: co-ordination, speed & agility

Technique: specialized: passing, control, finishing, headers.

Character & life skills development

Our program focuses on developing the kids from a life skills level. We do this by integrating character building activities to our sessions

  • Character engagement: teaching kids elements of respect, kindness, sharing, teamwork etc.
  • Character sticker badge: for every skill set they learn we reward them with a skill set sticker badge.

Parents activeness

The program also aims to help parents be active in their child’s first step towards their soccer development hand in hand as a coach. Having parents engage as coaches & player also helps the players find comfort, motivation and generally enjoy.

The program is also highly beneficial for the parents as it keeps them active and they get to be part of their child’s development journey.

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