The LSC HOLIDAY Clinics program is designed for young football lovers who want to take advantage of their school holidays to build into better versions of themselves as players. The program focuses on principles of Learning, Growing & Advancing giving players the right tools to further develop inage appropriate set-ups.

Our holiday clinics are specially  tailored to the schools soccer program/team demands & with age considerations, this gives each player a competitive edge going into the schools league in either maintaining their spot in the staring 11 or breaking into the starting eleven.


Fitness conditioning: aerobic capacity, speed, power & agility. skills conditioning: Ball mastery, Co-ordination, reaction, balance.

Technical mastery

Building instinct reaction on fundamental technical demands First touch, passing, dribbling & control, shooting & finishing.


Basic testing battery that touches on Vo2Max, Speed test, Agility test & power test

Tactical insight

A basic touch on tactical principles, looking into elements of defence & attack. Game management, Position play, movement, transition play.

Individual player report

Report on each players strength, weaknesses with further improvement recommendations.