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Life soccer clinics is a faith driven grassroot soccer development program.  We are passionate about redefining how sports and football in general is perceived by ultimately using sports as a medium and instrument to impact, influence & transform young lives. 

We believe that children of today will only become leaders and world changers if they receive the holistic long term mentorship & discipleship

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LSC Holiday Program

LSC Mini's Diski

General Details - Step 1 of 5

Medical History of the Player

Guardian Details

Next of Kin Contact details

Program overview

LSC Holiday program is a high performance clinics program that gives young footballers the opportunity to be part of the ultimate LSC footballing experience.

The program is designed for young football lovers who want to take advantage of their school holidays to build into better versions of themselves as players and ultimately push them to the limit. The program also helps young kids keep positively active over the holiday. The program guarantees a 60% improvement in each child as it gives each player the necessary tools they need to take their game to the next level.

Our extensive program focuses on elements such as

Program overview

LSC MINI’s SOCCER is an exceptional football introductory program and ultimately sports in general. The program aims to hones a child’s footballing ability from an early age. The program aims to build a positive attitude towards physical activities. The program is designed for kids from the age of 3-6.

Football introduction 

Whether a child shows great potential of being the next football star or whether the child just needs to be physically actively involved, the Mini’s program caters for that. The program aim to encourage kids to have a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Parents’ activeness

It is no parenting secret that kids learn from their parents actions. Key to our programs success is allowing parents to be a part of their child’s development. Our sessions allow parents to be co-coaches & players, this helps the kids find comfort, motivation and generally builds enjoyment.

Educational curriculum

The LSC EDUCATIONAL curriculum is designed to help improve the child’s ability to critically think and serves as an introductory to their next educational phase through basic educational activities. The curriculum merges football and academics by making the activities football subjected by means of teaching techniques and elements of the game. The curriculum touches on elements such as: shapes, problem solving, numeracy, body parts, visuals etc.

Program Overview

The school clinics program offers a unique approach towards systematic training, teaching soccer in a FUN, SAFE & EASY way. Our balanced and creative program has a positive impact on the child that goes far beyond the soccer field.
Our goal is to create overall exceptional footballers on and off the pitch. Beyond kicking the ball our program has activities aimed at holistic child development. Our three core development focus are Football, Character & Academics.

Program activities

Soccer training

Our sessions are fast moving, Technically & Physically demanding. Although we understand that kids don’t commit to things they don’t enjoy we always maintain that balance between hard work & fun.

Demo class

We start off every term by running a Video Demonstration class on what we will be doing for the term. The Demo class touches on element such has “how to execute a technique”


We adopted the BOUNCE-FIT Method as our main form of conditioning. BOUNCE-FIT poses unique, fun and physical health benefits through trampolining and helps kids with self expression.

 Festivals & Matches

We know that kids love to play & compete hence we introduced the LSC festival, The LSC Festival is an end term tournament of all the networks we work with, this showpiece gives the parents an opportunity to come witness their child in action & ultimately track their child’s growth.

Engagement Culture

Identity, Hard work, persistence, respect, boldness, team work, cultures, these are some of the qualities our engagement culture program aims to build.